Pictures Of
San Luis Obispo County

Digital photos from
California's Central Coast

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In the hills just west of San Luis Obispo, California
A windmill in the hills overlooking San Luis Obispo

An incredibly beautiful view just a few minutes from the city!

The next three pictures were shot by my son, Jeff, during a plane ride he got to take in 1999.  He was only 13 years old at the time.  Again, these pictures are reduced in size to save download time, but if you see a picture you like, just click on it to view a larger version.  If you enjoy these, you may also like the scenic photos of the coast at Pismo Beach taken by my daughter, Sheri.

Aerial view of the Port San Luis harbor area
The harbor at Port San Luis

I drive by here every workday during my commute up the California coast to Diablo Canyon.
(Notice the wing of the plane is visible at the top of the picture.)

Aerial photo of Avila Beach and Port San Luis
Another view of Port San Luis

That's Avila Beach and the Avila pier at the far right.

Aerial photo of Grover Beach, California
The City of Grover Beach from above

The Pismo Dunes stretch for miles to the south of the city,
but are almost completely shrouded by fog in this picture.

Monarch butterflies in a Eucalyptus tree in Pismo Beach
Monarch Butterflies at Their Winter Home in Pismo Beach

Every winter, Monarch Butterflies return to a grove of Eucalyptus trees in Pismo Beach.
A December 2006 photo from my new Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera.

A beautiful photo shot at Diablo Canyon
Spring wildflowers at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

A typically gorgeous day at work!

I've worked at Diablo Canyon since June of 1992
If you'd like to read about my experiences there, please
click here.

Just south of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant
The San Luis Obispo county coastline

This pristine stretch of coastline is located in the
buffer zone surrounding Diablo Canyon

This picture won a digital photo award
The sun peeks through Oak trees

Another breath-taking location on the grounds of Diablo Canyon.
This picture was honored as the "Digital Photo Of The Day" at a very
well respected photography web site on May 2'nd, 1999...
and again by another photography web site on August 7th, 2001!

Picture taken by a Minolta S404 digital camera
This is our home in Grover Beach

To get this particular view, I stitched together two digital pictures.

Pismo Beach, California
Looking down on Pismo Beach from the bluffs

Notice the Pelican in the foreground.
You can barely see that there are actually dozens of Pelicans on the hillside behind him

Sunrise at Port San Luis near Avila Beach
Sunrise at Port San Luis

This is the view I see on the way to work each morning.
The lights in the distance are in Shell Beach.

Point San Luis Lighthouse
The old lighthouse at Point San Luis

This lighthouse sits on property within the Diablo Canyon buffer zone.
Click here to see some gorgeous photographs I took on a hike to the lighthouse.

A panoramic photo shot on PG&E property north of Diablo Canyon
A May 2006 photo of Wildflowers just north of Diablo Canyon

This picture was taken a mile or two north of the power plant.
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The art deco style Fremont Theatre in San Luis Obispo
The Historic Fremont Theatre in San Luis Obispo

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