Digital Rebel Reviews
& Sample Photos

by Jim Zimmerlin

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Jim Zim shooting with a Canon DSLR and L series lens Hello!  I'm Jim Zim...  and I'm a bit of a photography nut.  I've been taking photos since the 1960's with a wide range of cameras.  Since the era of digital photography began back in the 1990s, I've owned nine different digital cameras!

I'd like to share with you my experiences with the four different versions of the Canon Digital Rebel that I've owned.  I'll tell you what's so special about each camera, and show you sample photos from each of them.

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Front View of Canon Digital Rebel T2i
The new T5i
Front View of Canon Digital Rebel T2i
Front View of Canon Digital Rebel XSi
EOS 400D with battery grip attached

Canon Digital Rebel
Sample images

Here's just a small sample of what these cameras can do...

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and should not be copied or used without his permission.


A Pelican On The Cliffs Above Pismo Beach
Digital Rebel XTi pelican photo
Shot with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi with 18-55mm zoom lens
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Our niece, Gwyneth
Canon Digital Rebel XSi portrait at 800 iso
Shot with a Canon Digital Rebel XSi with 100-400mm "L" series lens
See more pictures from the XSi here



Our daughter's very colorful cat
pet photo using Canon Digital Rebel 550D
Shot with a Canon Digital Rebel T2i with EF-S 18-135mm image-stabilized lens
See more pictures from the T2i here

A Neat Little Inexpensive Lens
For The Digital Rebel

If you already own one of the Digital Rebel cameras, I'd like to suggest an inexpensive lens that should be in your camera bag!

Canon's 50mm f/1.8 lens is a rare bargain in the world of Canon lenses.  The reason that you want it in your arsenal is that f/1.8 rating.  What that means is that this lens has an aperture that is open wide to let LOTS of light in...  which makes this a fantastic lens for shooting in low-light situations.  For example, if you want to do some shooting indoors in natural light without using a flash...  this is the lens for you, because of that f/1.8 aperture.

At f/1.8, this is definitely the best low-light lens in my camera bag...  and in addition to being very useful for indoor shots in natural light, a low-light lens like this is also great for shooting video.  I've shot a lot of video with Canon T2i camera, and much of that has been with this 50mm f/1.8 lens on front of the camera.  You get great video in natural light with this lens.

I still haven't mentioned the best part yet, though!  You'd think a low-light lens like this would sell for a lot of money, but it doesn't!  You can pick one of these up for just a little over $100.  And that makes this the best bargain you'll ever find in the expensive world of Canon lenses.  This lens even has a nickname among Canon fans.  It's called "the nifty fifty"!

Canon Digital Rebel T2i with 50mm lens
Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i) with the 50mm "nifty fifty" lens mounted on front


If you're thinking that a inexpensive lens probably takes crappy pictures, think again!
Here's a shot I took with the Nifty Fifty lens mounted on the front of my T2i Digital Rebel.
Barrel Racing - Canon T2i demo shot by Jim Zimmerlin

inexpensive Canon 50mm lens

A Great Little Carrying Case
For The Digital Rebel

When you own an expensive camera like this, you need to protect it when you are lugging it around.  Canon makes a great little carrying case...  and it's just the right size for the Digital Rebel...  even if you add on the optional battery grip.

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