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By Jim Zimmerlin

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Life on the central coast of California is full of beautiful things to see.  Since I'm a photography nut, I've taken a lot of great pictures of San Luis Obispo county's most scenic places.  This page focuses on interesting things to see in the city of San Luis Obispo itself.  (Us locals call it SLO, or SLOtown.)  Most of these photos were taken with my Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera.

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The art deco style Fremont Theatre in San Luis Obispo
The Fremont Theatre
The art-deco architecture of this theatre (built in 1940) has been preserved over the years
yet inside you will get a state-of-the-art audio and visual movie experience
just like you would in any big-city theatre.  There's four screens, too.


One of the things I like about San Luis Obispo is that there are beautiful old buildings
as well as tastefully designed new buildings.  An architectural review committee
makes sure all new construction fits in well with the style of other buildings in the area

Downtown SLO photo by Jim Zimmerlin
Monterey and Osos Street Intersection At Night
The old fashioned clock sits in front of the old county courthouse building


Here's another example of tastefully designed new construction in downtown SLO:
Sample Canon Rebel XTi photo at 1600 ISO
The Court Street Shopping Complex in San Luis Obispo
A beautiful new shopping complex that fits in well with the historic downtown


If you ever visit San Luis Obispo, you should try to time your visit so you stay overnight on a Thursday.
Every Thursday night, they close off the main street that runs through the downtown area
and throw a big street party they call "Farmer's Market".  The name is a bit of a misnomer...
because it's not like the farmer's market's you may have been to.  It's more like a carnival or festival.

ISO 1600 photo taken with Canon Digital Rebel XTi
One of many barbecues in the middle of Higuera Street, every Thursday night
This is one of the most popular...  the one in front of McLintock's restaurant


Photo taken with EOS 400D
People lining up to get that great barbecue food from McLintocks
During the day, you'd get run over standing here.  But on Thursday nights, the street is full of food, entertainment, and people


Entertainment at Farmer's Market in San Luis Obispo
Entertainment at Farmer's Market
There's always music...  this was one of three different musical acts playing on this particular night.
Farmer's Market stretches over several city blocks, so there's plenty of room for multiple bands without any one interfering with the others.


Locally grown produce at Farmer's Market in SLO
This is why they call it Farmer's Market
In addition to the barbecued food, entertainment, and displays by local civic groups...  you can buy a wide variety of local produce.


fresh flowers on Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo
It's a hugely popular event, even in winter
The only time they cancel it is if it rains.
Even in mid-December, people come from all around for this fun weekly event.
By the way, it's one of the friendliest crowds of people you'll ever be in.  Small town charm, and all that.


San Luis Obispo Performing Arts Center at Cal Poly
Exterior of the Performing Arts Center at Cal Poly
Known to the locals as the "PAC"
I've seen some outstanding concerts here!


SLO downtown centre shopping plaza
The "Downtown Centre" shopping complex
I think of it as San Luis Obispo's answer to Ghiradelli Square in San Francisco.
Nice shopping, food, and even a multi-screen movie theatre.
Plenty of parking in a four-story parking structure across the street, too.


The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo
The Madonna Inn
This very unique hotel is a huge tourist draw.  No two rooms are the same.
Named after the guy who built it, Alex Madonna...  not after the pop singer!


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