Pictures From Inside
The KSBY Studio

A look behind the scenes
of a TV news broadcast

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Here are some pictures I shot inside the KSBY
TV studio in San Luis Obispo, California

KSBY logo
Our son, Jeff, has been interested in television production since
a young age, and at 18 years old was hired by KSBY.

Here are some pictures of Jeff and his co-workers in action...

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KSBY control room
The KSBY Control Room

You can see the cameraman in the studio through the door in the upper left, the news producer is in the lower left controlling the teleprompter, and Jeff is  directing from the main control board in the center.  Note the clock indicates they were about 25 minutes in to the six o'clock news when this photo was taken.
Adrienne Moore KSBY news anchor
News Anchor Adrienne Moore

The grey box facing her is the teleprompter, which is attached to the camera and displays the script she reads from.  Note the red light on top of the teleprompter, which lights up if that camera is on the air.  The sheet hanging on the back of the camera shows the cameraman the schedule of stories and commercial breaks.
Rob Carlmark KSBY weatherman
The Weather Man, Rob Carlmark

To the viewers it looks like he is standing in front of a weather map, but he really just works with a green screen and the effect is created electronically.  Note the TV monitors in front and to the right of him so he can see the weather graphics that the viewers are seeing.  The cameraman is standing in the shadows in the left of the picture, ready to give the weatherman hand signals to let him know when he is running out of time.
KSBY control room
Jeff in the control room operating the video switcher
With his right hand he can switch between the various cameras and other video sources, and with his left hand he can adjust the various electronic effects.

The headset allows him to talk to the cameraman, video tape operator, and audio mixer.  The microphone on the gooseneck is in case he needs to talk to the news anchor or weather man.

KSBY TV control room
Another look at the control room

This gives you a pretty good look at the full range of equipment that Jeff operates during a newscast.

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