Sheri's Pictures of
Pismo Beach

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Here are some digital photos
taken along the California coast
by Sheri (Barrett) Zimmerlin

All pictures on this page were taken with a Minolta DiMAGE S-404 digital camera
and are the copyrighted works of my daughter, Sheri (Barrett) Zimmerlin.
You are welcome to copy these photos for non-profit use.

The coast at Pismo Beach
The rocks at Shell Beach.  Pismo Beach is in the distance.
Sunset at Pismo Beach
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean
a digital photo taken by Sheri Zimmerlin
Dusk at the coast
A picture of the San Luis Obispo county coast
California sunset
A photo of the California coast at Pismo Beach
The cliffs at Shell Beach.  Pismo Beach is in the distance.
a photo of the pier at Pismo Beach California
Underneath the Pismo pier

To see some interesting 360 degree panoramas of scenic places
in the San Luis Obispo area, check out

There's a live web cam overlooking the city of San Luis Obispo.
See it at

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