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Vacation Pictures

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July is vacation time and one of our favorite vacations is to drive the 1000 miles (each way!) up to my sister's farm in Washington state...  a trip we've made many, many times over the years.  It's a beautiful drive through three states...  with mountains, forests, rivers, dormant volcanoes, and lots of farmland to look at along the way.  Here are some pictures from our 2004 Washington vacation:

Reese Chasing Kindra       Reese with one of the farm dogs
We took our 3-month-old Cocker puppy with us, and she had a great time!
She enjoyed playing with our 6-year-old grand-niece, Kindra,
and with the Labrador Retrievers that live on the farm.

Kindra with her Veterinarian gear       A close up look at Kindra and the home-made lab coat
We heard that Kindra might like to be a Veterinarian some day,
so Mrs. Zim made her this cute Veterinarian's lab coat...  totally from scratch.
(Mrs. Zim's embroidery machine is really cool!)

mud tug-of-war
On the 4th of July, we went to a good old fashioned 4th of July celebration.
After a great barbecue lunch for 100 people, the entertainment began with a tug-of-war.
The losing team -- or at least the first few members -- got wet and muddy!

There were several volleyball games going on at all times.

Mom applies sun block to baby bottom
On a sunny day, this baby's mom knew to apply sun block all over.
This is one of my favorite photos of all the ones I took during the week!

After the sun went down, we drove in to town for a big fireworks show.

Our Cocker puppy plays with baby toes
Reese made a lot of new friends during our week in Washington.
Here she is pretendng to go for this baby's toes.
It was all play...  she never touched them.

Our grand-niece and our Cocker Spaniel puppy
Kindra and Reese REALLY hit it off well together!

Jim Zim and his grand-niece
I used the camera's timer so I could get this photo of me and Kindra.
She is every bit as cute and delightful as she looks in this photo!

Kellyn and our chocolate tri Cocker puppy
Kellyn and Reese were together almost continuously during the week.

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