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July is vacation time and one of our favorite vacations is to drive the 1000 miles (each way!) up to my sister's farm in Washington state...  a trip we've made almost annually for many, many years.  It's a beautiful drive through three states...  with mountains, forests, rivers, dormant volcanoes, and lots of farmland to look at along the way.  Here are some pictures from our 2001 Washington vacation:

Big Jim and Kindra
Big Jim & Kindra playing on the lawn
This was probably the best picture I shot during the entire week.

The Air Chairs
A great way to relax
Judy and Jim recently bought "Air Chairs"
(a combination hammock and chair)
and they were quite comfortable!

Jimmy's Fireworks
Scott helped Jimmy to obtain a huge stash of fireworks
and Jimmy dazzled us with a show in his back yard!

Jimmy holding Carson
The new kid on the block
This summer we got to meet Carson for the first time

Judy at the river
Judy relaxing on the ski boat
Our day at the Snake River was definitely the highlight of the trip

Kellyn at the river
Kellyn on the boat
She enjoyed the fun day at the river
although she chose not to get wet

Kindra and Kathy watching a video
Kindra and Kathy
Big Jim had a new camcorder, so we shot a lot of video during the week.
Here's Kindra and Kathy reacting to a scene from the video.

Jeff with the whopper
Jeff caught this with a net
We found an irrigation ditch near Jim's house that had dozens of Carp
and Jeff went wading in with a net and caught this whopper!

Kellyn holding Carson
Kellyn and Carson
Carson was very well behaved during the entire week.
Judy and Kellyn especially enjoyed holding him.

Kindra took this photo
A photo of Judy, taken by Kindra
I let Kindra play with my digital camera one day
and this was the result

Ruth and Rudy at sunset
Ruth and Rudy
On the way to Washington we stopped by Orinda
and I got this sunset shot of Ruth and Rudy

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