Image Resizing Tool

Want to post a picture online, but it's too big?
This is the place to resize your photo. (And it's free!)

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Today's digital cameras take pictures with such high resolution that the photos are just too large to fit on a computer screen unless you resize them first.  Resizing a picture can be a little tricky if you're not computer literate or if you just don't have the software to do the job.

Because it's usually necessary to resize a photo before posting it on our forum, and because new members to our forum always seem to have so much trouble resizing a picture...  I thought I'd make it a little easier by offering this free online image resizer tool.  Give it a try.

Please note:  be patient after you click the resize button.  It takes time for the picture to be uploaded and resized.  If you have a slow Internet connection, or are resizing a very large, high-resolution photo, it may take a few minutes.  Once the image is resized, you will see instructions on what to do to save the resized photo to your computer.  Once you have the resized photo saved to your computer, you can post it on the forum by adding it as an attachment to a message.

Click the "browse" button to locate the picture on your computer that you would like to resize

(files larger than 6mb will be rejected)
Select New Maximum Image dimension
  760 Pixels 600 Pixels (recommended) 350 Pixels 100 Pixels
Custom (use 150 for avatars)
Set resized image quality (jpg compression)
Good Better Best
Please be patient after clicking the "resize picture now" button.
Only click the button ONE time, even if nothing seems to be happening.
Even with a high-speed Internet connection, your picture may take a minute or two to upload and resize.
On a dial-up connection, it may take several minutes.

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