Norwegian Breakaway
Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Our May 2024 return to one of our favorite cruise ships

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Norwegian Breakaway docked in the Dominican Republic

This was my 65th cruise overall, our 10th cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line, and our second time on Norwegian Breakaway.  We had previously cruised on Norwegian Breakaway five years earlier, and it has remained in my memory as one of my favorite cruise ships.

One of the things I really love about this ship is The Haven...  a secluded and un-crowded section of the ship that only about 180 V.I.P. passengers have access to.  The Haven has its own restaurant, bar, lounge, and sun deck which are exclusively for the use of those 180 V.I.P. guests.  The focal point of The Haven is a large courtyard that is enclosed under a large glass dome.  During times of perfect weather, the dome can be slid open to make The Haven Courtyard an outdoor space.  At all other times, the glass dome is closed to keep conditions inside the courtyard comfortable...  no matter what the weather outside is like.

We had some very special family members sailing with us on this cruise:  my sister, Judy, and my brother-in-law, Jim.  Here's a photo of the four of us in The Haven Courtyard:

I wanted to make sure that Jim & Judy had a wonderful time on our cruise together, so I suggested that we cruise in The Haven on Norwegian Breakaway...  based on the great experience that my wife and I had when we did it five years earlier.  I figured that if I wanted to increase the odds of Jim & Judy cruising with us again in the future, I had better make sure that this one was really great!  I knew they would love the V.I.P. treatment in The Haven.

The best way to show you what's so special about The Haven is with a video.  Here's a 13-minute video that shows you around The Haven, and which also tells you about the three delightful places we visited during this cruise:

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Here's a look at our stateroom, which is known as a Haven Courtyard Penthouse.  It featured one of the most comfortable beds we've ever slept in on all of our cruises!

Haven Courtyard Penthouse

One of the signature features of Norwegian Breakaway is the huge chandelier that hangs above the public areas on decks 6, 7, and 8 of the ship.  People love to pose for selfies with this chandelier in the background!

Giant chandelier on Norwegian Breakaway


The best part of the whole cruise was our day spent on Norwegian's private island in the Bahamas.  The weather had been cloudy for the first five days of our cruise, but it was absolutely perfect for our day on Great Stirrup Cay!

Silver Cove on Great Stirrup Cay

Because we had my sister and brother-in-law with us on this cruise, I wanted to spend less time than usual shooting photos and videos and more time simply enjoying the cruise.  So, this is probably the shortest review I've every posted of any of the 65 cruises I've been on!

Round #3 with Covid

I truly enjoyed our cruise on Norwegian Breakaway, but it ended in a bad way.  Towards the end of the cruise, I had a bit of a sore throat and wondered if I might be starting to get ill.  By the last full day of the cruise, I could tell that I was coming down with something.  The day we disembarked the ship and flew home, I was feeling absolutely horrible.  I happened to have a Covid home test with me, and the test confirmed that I had Covid.  Again!  This was actually my third bout with Covid...  and each one of those I picked up during a cruise.

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